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How to check the network status in Windows Server 2022

Checking the network status on Windows Server 2022 is important to ensure it's connected, troubleshoot problems, keep services running, and catch security issues early. It helps maintain reliable communication, fix any disruptions, and optimize performance for smooth operation.

The best way to check the network status of a Windows Server is to use the built-in tools and commands. You can follow these steps:

Ping Command: Open the Command Prompt and use the "ping" command followed by the IP address or hostname of the server you want to check. For example: ping This will give you information about the server's connectivity.

Tracert Command: Use the "tracert" command followed by the IP address or hostname to trace the route that packets take to reach the server. This can help identify any network issues along the way.

Network and Sharing Center: Go to the Control Panel, then "Network and Sharing Center." Here, you can view the network connections and their status. This can help you validate that the server is properly connected.

Event Viewer: You can use the Event Viewer to check for any network-related events or errors. Look under "Windows Logs" > "System" for events related to networking.

Resource Monitor: Use the Resource Monitor to check network activity, connections, and performance. You can find it by searching for Resource Monitor in the Start menu.

Task Manager: Open Task Manager and go to the "Performance" tab. Here, you can see network usage and related information.

These tools are useful for gathering information about your server's network status. If you encounter any issues, these steps should help you identify the problem and take appropriate actions. If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, talk to us.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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