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Changing Resolution; Fixing Huge/Tiny or Blurry Text and Icons

If you log onto your server and see that the resolution or Windows graphical user interface does not look right (e.g. text/icons are tiny or massive, blurry) all you need to do is restart the server and reconnect. The server restart shortcut can be found on the desktop

When connected via remote desktop connection, Windows does not allow you to change the resolution directly on the server. It inherits the resolution and scaling properties directly from the device connecting to it.

For inquiring minds, this behaviour is related to how Windows's remote desktop protocol works. It remembers the graphical properties (resolution and scaling) of the first device that accesses the server. Since we test all servers for quality assurance before delivering them to our clients, the very first connection to a client's server is ours, using our monitors, which may or may not match the graphical properties of yours.

Similarly, you may get the same issue if you access the server from multiple devices using different resolutions/scaling properties. Again, all you have to do is restart the server and reconnect, and the graphical user interface will adjust to the new device's graphical properties.

Updated on: 08/05/2024

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