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Changing the Server/VPS Password

Important: Your password is your first line of defense so make sure it is a strong one. Use a combination of upper/lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols, and make it at least 10 characters long

Changing your Administrator password on Windows 2022 can be done using various methods, but we have identified two particularly straightforward approaches that we consider the easiest:

Method one: Utilizing the Control Panel
Method two: Via Ctrl-Alt-End (on a PC) or Fn+Control+Option+Delete (on a Mac)


Utilizing the Control Panel

Log in to the desired server as an administrator.
To open Windows Settings, type the word Settings in the search bar located on the taskbar. Alternatively, click Start > Settings.
Click Accounts.

Click Sign-in Options.
Options

Scroll to the Password section and click Change
Enter your current password and click Next.
Enter the new password and repeat it.
Enter a password hint and click Next.
Click Finish.


Via Ctrl-Alt-End (on a PC) or Fn+Control+Option+Delete (on a Mac)

Shortly after signing up with ChartVPS, you are assigned a default password for your server's administrative account. Follow these steps to change it:

Log onto your Server or VPS via Remote Desktop app - the app should be in full screen mode (maximized), not windowed

Press CTRL+ALT+END (on a PC) or FN+CONTROL+OPTION+DELETE (on a Mac)) key combination - PC users note, that's an END not DEL

Select Change a password

Select the option: Change a password

Enter old and new passwords and press enter

Enter the old password, and then new and press enter

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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