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How to check network disconnection events in the Windows system event logs

When a network disconnect occurs, it can affect the functionality of various applications and services that rely on a stable network connection. By being aware of these disconnects, We can precisely identify where and when the issues are happening, which helps in narrowing down potential causes. This targeted approach allows for quicker and more effective resolution of problems, ensuring that the overall performance and reliability of network-dependent applications and services are maintained.

Whenever you see logs on your trading platform indicating a network disconnect, you should check if the network adapter of your server has been disconnected from the internet. This disconnection can cause your trading platform to lose communication with your broker's server, leading your algorithm to fail in closing or opening trades.

If your server did not reboot (all applications are running), yet your trading platform logs show a network disconnect, you need to determine the cause of the disconnect. To do this, check the Event Viewer on your server. This will help you identify whether the disconnection was due to the server's network losing internet connection or if it was an issue between your trading platform and your broker's server

To check for network disconnect, follow the steps below:

Open the Event Viewer by typing "Event Viewer" in the Windows search bar.

In the right pane, click on "Create Custom View"


In the "Create Custom View" dialog box, click to check the "Warning" and "Information" boxes.

Ensure that the "By log" is selected and then click the "Event Logs" drop down box and click to check the "Windows Log" and "Applications and Services Logs" boxes.

In the "Event ID" text box, enter "27"and "10000" separated by a comma then click the "Ok" button to save the custom view.

Event ID 27 in Windows Server 2022 typically pertains to a network-related issue, specifically to the network adapter. This event is logged when the network link is disconnected, meaning the network adapter has lost its connection to the network. This can occur for various reasons, including hardware issues, driver problems, or network configuration changes.

Event ID 10000 in Windows Server 2022 is typically associated with the DistributedCOM (DCOM) component. DCOM is a Microsoft technology that enables software components to communicate over a network. This event ID usually indicates a problem related to DCOM, such as permission issues, network connectivity problems, or other errors involving COM components.

You will get a prompt regarding memory and processor time, simply click the "Yes" button to proceed.


Enter a name for your custom view.

If there were no network disconnects or errors, logs won't show any warnings.


On the other hand, if there were network disconnect, it will show warning.

Compare the dates between the event viewer and your trading platform.

If the dates between the warning shown in the Event Viewer matches the date shown in your trading platform's Logs, that would mean that your platform's disconnect was caused by network failure, while if the dates between Event Viewer and trading platform logs are not matching, the disconnect happened between your trading platform and your broker.

Updated on: 06/07/2024

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